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Can’t Decide Between Single Storey and Two Storey Home? Know the Pros and Cons

Are you planning to put down your roots in Perth?

There’s no better way to do just that than building a home that you can call your own. Unlike renting, your very own property gives you a sense of ownership and permanency. This is why you must ensure that your house would turn out to be something you’d want to live in for as long as possible. Well, you’re going to need the best Perth home builders for such an endeavour. Don’t risk putting such a major task in the hands of amateurs.

Single Storey or Two Storey Home?

So you agreed that only the best home builders Perth offers should work on your house. Now the next crucial decision to make is to choose between a single storey and two storey house. There are several factors that come into play, including your lifestyle and whatever constraints your property presents, as probably recommended by expert Perth home builders.

Sometimes, the choice is taken off your hands because the land you bought only allows for a two-storey house. If this is not the case, then you’re back to the original argument – single or two stories?

Single Storey Pros and Cons


  • It’s traditional for Australians to build a single storey house. Are you ready to break traditions?
  • Offers accessibility, especially for families with members who are older, disabled or have mobility issues.
  • Bigger, sprawling space at a lower cost. Building a standard single storey home with four bedrooms will save you up to $50,000.
  • Design-wise, it gives the impression that your home is more open and wider, with lots of open entrances and corridors.
  • Less lawn to mow and fewer exterior features to worry about.


  • Less yard footprint means little to no outdoor living spaces and features, such as a garden, deck, patio or swimming pool.
  • Little to no space for children to run and play around.
  • Results in a greater footprint from within the house, what with a bigger space that needs to be cooled and heated.

Two Storey Home Pros and Cons


  • Looks substantial and impressive from the street, even when interior space may be small.
  • Can be built on a piece of land that is as small as 250sq/m.
  • Saves you from spending money on a bigger block, giving you more funds to finance home construction.
  • Building a two storey home on a bigger piece of land leaves plenty of room for a home extension or swimming pool.
  • Enables multiple and a variety of living options.
  • Less external maintenance, what with a smaller roof area and outdoor wall space to take care of.


  • More expensive to build than a single storey home.
  • Bigger lawn to mow when built on a bigger block of land.
  • Less age-friendly, especially for older and disabled members of the household.

Still can’t decide which house to build? Think about your property’s value proposition once it is completed. Use the formula Value = Benefits – Costs to determine which direction you should take.

Consult with builders in Perth WA to get an estimate and then do your calculations. Always consider what will work best for you and your family in listing down the benefits.

Whichever you decide on, you can rely on home builders in Perth WA to build the home you want and need. The most reliable Perth home builders will talk you through the entire process and answer whatever questions you might have. So wipe that frown off your face and smile. Your dream Perth home is about to come true.